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Rosalie Gascoigne

"Banana Yellow"
road sign on pywood
70 x 64cm
$AUD 130,000.00

Gascoyne’s, Banana Yellow” may be a sparse depiction of a banana plantation? It is composed of fragments, cut and pasted together. Doesnt matter, its enigmatic and sparse. Just like the interior of the wide brown land. But superbly, it avoides the use of Cliche. For that she deserves recognition as a gold medallist. Gascoigne established truth and reality, and asked a very simple question. The way we see the landacape is completely conditioned by our material selves, and in the end, we have a landscape constructed from the miscellany of all that is around us; and it aint Gum Trees.


70 × 63.5 cm

Retro-reflective road sign on plywood

Rosalie Gascoigne Banana Yellow, 1998 Retro-reflective road sign on plywood, 70 x 63.5 cm signed, dated and inscribed verso: Rosalie Gascoigne/ 1998/ Banana Yellow Provenance: Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney. Private collection, Brisbane. Deutscher + Hackett, Sydney, 2 May 2012, lot 3. Private collection, Sydney Menzies, Important Australian and International Fine Art and Sculpture, Melbourne, 24/09/2015, Lot No. 31