Carlo Golin

Carlo Golin

Melbourne-based artist, Carlo Golin, paints oils of ripe wanton fruits tumbling festively or perched seductively on aged wooden tables. An isolated group of decaying persimmons, a line of gnarled mangosteens, a vulnerable pile of plums. Golin’s still life subjects seek to transform everyday objects into something more mysterious and dramatic.

"These paintings are very orchestrated affairs. The tight compositions, the “void” as a constant background, the particular light, the distance from viewer to objects… all contribute to the making of a particular situation within the painting. But as much as these images are planned, nothing is certain. Studies are made to see what is possible. Some remain as such while others are set up for further investigation. The fruit is arranged, soft collisions occur, areas bruise, weights compete and gravity makes it all settle into negotiable shapes. As decay is inevitable, everything will change and it's somewhere in this state that my process of depiction begins."

Carlo Golin 2010


In still life, as in all other branches of painting, the artist's principle objective is to express one's relationship to the world in which she they live. Golin’s fruit assemblages are off-set by delicate, smooth brushwork in the enigmatic backdrop of diffused lighting and warm colours - evocative of the early Italian painter, Caravaggio. Golin is passionate about refining his subject and honouring its form - “with this recent body of work I am interested in symmetry, weight and stillness. It is when this is achieved that the picture seems to have come to a conclusion.”

Golin has exhibited successfully with Libby Edwards Galleries since 2004.


 Group Exhibitions

2012 "Mad Men Group Show", Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2012 "Small Works Group Show", Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2010 "February Group Show", Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne


Solo Exhibitions

2010 "In The Real", Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2008 "Brighter Later", Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2005 "Closer", Libby Edwards Galleries Sydney

2007 "Soft Collisions", Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne

2004 "Right in Front of You", Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne