Libby Edwards Galleries & Art Consultancy

Greg Irvine

Born 1946 in Melbourne, Australia 
A highly acclaimed artist with a career spanning almost fifty years, Greg Irvine's repertoire and skill has grown and achieved a maturity of wit, observation and expression. This is in part due to a bohemian childhood, and an artistic mother, whose creative obsessions he absorbed via observation and collaboration, such as her ceramic and glazing techniques, and quirky tortoiseshell hair-comb collection. Unsurprisingly, he later embarked upon his own journey of artistic exploration, the fruits of which we see before us.  A winner of numerous  awards and coveted prizes, Irvine possesses an inimitable way of combining artistic excellence with an eye for beauty in exquisite detail and form. The artist began his exhibiting career with instant popularity, first at the Violet Dulieu gallery, and later at Libby Edwards Galleries, in South Yarra and Portsea, achieving sell-out exhibitions. His oeuvre continues to be authentic and portray a fascination for collecting and curating unusual objects, his paintings mirroring his own domestic habitat. 
Irvine's travels have taken him across the length and breadth of South East Asia. His repertoire of longing and recording is akin to a Joseph Conrad novel; experience gleaned from visitations and observations. To Indonesia, and the island archipelago. To ancient and forgotten ex-Portugese colonies. Across the Indian Ocean to the Bay of Bengal. And beyond, to Cuba, and the allure of South America. Of palaces, enclaves, cloisters and the native exuberance of form and colour. Of India, Bali, The Far North, the near east, and upwards as far as either the imagination or the soul can go, is gathered and recorded through his gimlet eye of acute observation. 
His mother's handmade ceramic objects, teacups, urns, plates and sculptures, seep through his domestic interiors, clearly shaping his aesthetic eye for the exotic and vintage. Irvine documents the minutiiae of the artist's life and environment, and in doing so, elevates us from the banal into the realm of the sublime. Irvine's world is the world of elaborate interiors, sunlit, burnished by light, and colour and the exquisite patterning of objects. Of objects once ordinary being transformed. Flowers, explode like supernova. Lattice work, walls and surfaces are bound together by the perspective certainty of line and space, and given equal weight as in a mediaeval manucript.