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Janine Riches

Gippsland artist Janine Riches draws on inspiration from the Australian outback, music, graffiti and childhood nostalgia from the 1960’s. The artist's attraction to Melbourne's hidden laneways and 'outsider' street art, influence in her work. The walls in hidden laneways, rustic and weathered, painted over and over, hold secrets and untold stories. 

 I like to distort and abstract the reference into shapes and form".

Janine's creative progress can be gauged from the beginnings of her career painting clothing for the Channel Nine Bugs Bunny Show in the 1980’s. Following on from her discovery of pastels oils, and acrylics, Riches is completing a Bachelor of Fine Art and her current practice  focuses on ambitious large oils where the multilayered style reveals what was once beneath....intriguingly, just enough to create a story. Her works sway between abstract and playful, sometimes celebrating the palest of palettes, sometimes strong and colorful. The idea of art she believes connects us as a community. This artistic notion is translated in her way of creating and re-telling; it is embedded in the paint, the manifestation of which has the practical function of bringing us together. ".I am inspired by the strength of the human spirit and the ability for us to bounce back...I believe we are all connected in some way. I have a passion for the indigenous culture...I love the earthy colors and the shapes of rocks, trees and the way in which there is so much order, repetition and balance to the natural environment."