Libby Edwards Galleries & Art Consultancy

Luke Wagner

"Lighthouse, Tasman Island"
Oil and wax on canvas
76 x 122cm
$AUD 4,900.00

"Tasman Island lighthouse, the highest operating lighthouse in Australia, was first lit in 1906. Three light keepers tended the light until automation in 1976. The keepers and their families were removed in 1977, abandoning the heritage-listed buildings to time and the elements. 
Domestic cats, introduced by lightkeepers in the early 1900s, established a significant feral population when the light station was de-manned which had a severe effect on the native bird population. Attempts in the 1980s to reduce their numbers failed. 
In 2008 a joint effort between Wildcare’s Tasmanian Coast Conservation Fund, founded by Rob Pennicott, the Parks and Wildlife Service and the Resource Management and Conservation Division of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, was ultimately successful. 
Seabird numbers and species diversity appear to have significantly increased following the removal of the last of the feral cats in 2010. 
The original vegetation on Tasman Island would probably have been a dense forest of banksia and she-oak. A few old specimens still remain, but clearing trees for firewood, fires and grazing by sheep and cattle converted much of the plateau into a windswept mosaic of grassland, shrubland and sedgeland. "

excerpt from article by Erika Shankley & Carol Jackson

(Friends of Tasman Island Wildcare Inc) 


(framed work)