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Nicholas Daunt

Born in England of Irish parents, Mr Daunt attended London’s Eastbrook Boys School on an art scholarship. In 1960 he moved to Australia where he worked as a graphic artist and designed in fabric. He holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree and a post-graduate diploma in professional studies in painting from the City Arts Institute of Sydney.

"To a degree most contemporary painting interests me. However I find myself drawn to the New York School of American painters from 1940 to 1950, particularly the work of Franz Kline, De Kooning, Hans Hoffman and Pollock. I like the execution of free style and above all the philosophy of this school, which is based on freedom of expression.

My own work has a strong landscape quality. It seems to search for a perfect place, maybe coming from endless seeking within myself, always looking for the perfect colour combination to enhance my work. It also takes on an energy that scars the landscape in a frenzied innocence, almost naïve, like man’s seemingly relentless ay of destroying the environment."

- Nicholas Daunt