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Steve Rosendale

Mystery, tension and high contrast embody the atmosphere of Rosendale’s paintings. A 1960s film obsessive, Steve's modus operandi is to trawl endlessly through vintage films and magazines for an iconic or overlooked scene, in which to reinvent its buried mystique, onto canvas with paint-brush.

Born in Melbourne in 1973, Rosendale graduated from Monash University with a fine arts degree. He has exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with Libby Edwards Galleries.


"Rosendale translates to canvas the brash, intriguing character of the city street. Like its mysterious inhabitants, the city is seductive and enticing, yet its magic belies a hidden, sinister side. The artist’s cool detachment allows these deeply psychological cityscapes to speak for themselves. The city breathes, has a certain pulse or rhythm, and is animated by an ever-changing personality.”

Dr Melissa Miles

”I wake up in the morning with a vision in my head … it is very vague, a mood rather than a concrete tangible image. I spend many hours observing, taking photographs, researching, sifting through hundreds of old ephemera…until I discover what I can only describe as the pictorial equivalent of my vague notion. Then i feel a great need to express that image or somehow frame it, capture it and aggrandise it …It is the marriage of an inner vision with an outer. The inner being abstract, blurred, floating and with bleeding edges, the outer being concrete, tangible solid - present.”

Steve Rosendale 



2018 "Reinventing Nostalgia" Libby Edwards Galleries (550 Swan St Studios)

2016 "Roadside" Red Gallery Melbourne

2015 ‘’Postcards’’ Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne.

2013  "Cinerama", Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne

2012 "The Material Gaze" Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne

2011 "For A Few Dollars More" Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne
2010 "Bring The Money, Come Alone" Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne
2009 "Incidental" - Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne
2008 “Ultraviolet Way" - Libby Edwards Galleries, Brisbane
2007 “New Work” - Libby Edwards Galleries, Sydney
2007 “Portraits” - Off the Kerb, Melbourne
2006 “Silhouettes” - Brunswick Arts Collective, Melbourne
2004 “New Paintings” - Thierry B Gallery, Melbourne
2003 “Recent Work “ - Steven Print Gallery, Melbourne
2002 “Innercity” - Steven Print Gallery, Melbourne
2003 “Steve Rosendale” - Gallery Ranfurlie, Melbourne
2002 “Paintings” -The Fitzroy Gallery, Melbourne
2002 “The City “- Goya Galleries, Melbourne

2010 "Network" The Art Gallery of Ballarat Victoria
2008 ArtBrisbane08, Thierry B Contemporary Art, Stand C10, Brisbane
2008 ArtSydney08, Thierry B Contemporary Art, Stand A17, Sydney
2008 ArtMelbourne08, Thierry B Contemporary Art, Stand D13, Melbourne
2006 The Brunswick Arts Collective, Melbourne.
2005 Libby Edwards Galleries, Brisbane
2005 Libby Edwards Galleries, Sydney
2003 VARIETY Celebrity Art Auction, Sotheby’s Fine Art Auctioneers, Melbourne
2003 “Exploration 4“ - Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
2001 Chapel off Chapel Gallery, Melbourne
2000 Chapel off Chapel Gallery, Melbourne
2000 “Emerging Artists Program” - Myra Gallery. Melbourne
1999 “Local” - Chapel off Chapel Gallery, Melbourne
1999 Indigo Studios, Melbourne
1998 “Artists Online” - The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

1999 Bachelor of Arts Degree (Fine-Art Painting) Monash University
1996 Diploma: Foundations in Art and Design, Box Hill T.A.F.E.
1994 Certificate: Basic Photography, Holmesglen T.A.F.E.

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Numerous corporate and private collections