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Brett Whiteley

"Towards Sculpture 5, 1977"
85 x 55cm
$AUD 38,000.00

Edition 5 of 50

85.0 x 55.0cm (33 7/16 x 21 5/8in).

numbered and signed below image: '5.5/50 / Brett Whiteley’  ( which describes  the No. 5 print,  edition of 5/50 )

Private collection, Sydney, Corporate Collection Sydney
Brett Whiteley: The Graphics 1961 - 1992, Deutscher Fine Art, Melbourne, 1992, p. 111, cat. 32 (illus. front cover and p. 42, another example)
Another example of this print is held in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.


".… most men, and certainly all artists, even if many never get around to actually painting it, carry in their heads the great nude. The Venus, the Bathsheba, the Bather, Diana, even the great centrefold, he carries all his life the idealisation, carries it like some little uncut gem in his mind, waiting there to be given form. Filtering down through civilisation is the urge to show this glimpse of beauty, where invention and skin become one, and the history of art marries the whole history of one’s sex. Mistress, mother, lover, whore, obtainable – unobtainable, it is the wonder of a perfect distortion". (Brett Whiteley, 1981)