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Brett Whiteley

20cm height x 20cm width
$AUD 25,000.00

This rare sculptural ceramic piece by Whiteley, is an exercise in ‘less is more’ aesthetics. Despite being ceramic, it appears weightless. Reminiscent of his interest in Oriental art, Whiteley’s design brings to mind the art of Wabi Sabi. The spontaneous outline of a hand grasping a wispy tree branch, in smokey brushstrokes is ethereal and dreamy, enhanced by the blue glaze.


Blue and white glazed ceramic

Provenance: Australian Galleries, Melbourne 1974. Leonard Joel, 13 April 1988, Melbourne, lot 1546. Private collection, Melbourne. Exhibited: Lavender Bay Series, Brett Whiteley, Australian Galleries, Melbourne, 19 November - 3 December 1974. OTHER NOTES:. © Courtesy of Wendy Whiteley