Interiors - Art consultant

 Personalised Art Advisory service


Our curators, with over 30 years of experience, help you find the perfect artwork:


figurative, abstract, still-life,

mixed-media, photography

- for your apartment, house, weekender and commercial interior space, saving your time and effort. 


  • Digital overlays representing artwork on chosen walls  
  • Art-styling for events, commercial spaces, properties for sale/ auctions


Katherine Campbell Edwards

Art Consultant 

Master of Fine Arts | Bachelor of Design (Hons) 

mob: +61 411 448 228 





Vitor Dos Santos artwork Bondi interior Artworks figurative and still life private residence Eaglemont Christopher Lees artwork Private residence Melbourne Accounting Offices Brisbane Brisbane commercial office Private residence Melbourne Carlo Golin

Vitor Dos Santos artwork Vitor Dos Santos artwork
29 October 2014

"Wine and Coffee"

Domo Interiors, Sandringham Melbourne

Bondi interior Bondi interior
23 February 2016

featuring Nicholas Daunt artwork

Ben Buckler point apartment in North Bondi, NSW. Art complements the dramatic cliff top location.

Artworks figurative and still life Artworks figurative and still life
21 February 2016

Esther Erlich & Vitor Dos Santos

private residence Eaglemont private residence Eaglemont
29 October 2014

Steve Rosendale Artworks featured in living room of 1950s home:

 left "June" oil on canvas, on right wall: 2 framed watercolours "Hotel pool studies 1 & 2"

Christopher Lees artwork Christopher Lees artwork
29 October 2014

"Hallowed Ground" (3 panels) 

at Domo Interiors, Sandringham Melbourne

Private residence Melbourne Private residence Melbourne
29 October 2014

Esther Erlich "Accessorize" hanging in guest powder room

Accounting Offices Brisbane Accounting Offices Brisbane
29 October 2014

Jill Lewis artworks hanging in board room

Brisbane commercial office Brisbane commercial office
29 October 2014

Jill Lewis artwork hanging in board room 

Private residence Melbourne Private residence Melbourne
29 October 2014

Mia Galo artwork hanging in Master bathroom

Carlo Golin Carlo Golin "Mr Immaculate"
29 October 2014

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