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The Melbourne Muse Issue #1

Apr 01, 2021

A quarterly journal with a light-hearted take on local and global art, literally, a window into the artistic and intellectual lives of artists, thinkers and beyond

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Rare Norman Lindsay Portrait

Feb 15, 2021

Looking back on Norman Lindsay’s oeuvre it’s fair to say, this man was a polymath. Without the Lindsays, Australia would have been a pallet knife short of the easel. The Lindsays made such a contribution to Australian art it’s hard to think of what it may have been like without them. And Norman, f

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Brett Whiteley drawing

Dec 05, 2020

New Whiteley drawing from his holidays in Byron Bay Wategos Beach, Holiday Suite 7, 1989 55 x 73cm pencil on paper

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The Home Run New painting

Oct 13, 2020

New painting "The Home Run" by Mike Worrall Like all of Mike Worrall’s surrealist, fantasy paintings, The Home Run has an oil paint application that is fine, thin, & delicate in its application. He uses an illustrative, draughtsman technique, so that the result is three-dimensional, yet illusory,

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Intimate Things exhibition

Sep 22, 2020

Wayde Owen's frenetic mark-making paired with gelati colour-bombs on canvas and paper, slap the senses awake - irreverent, futurist, scientific and expansive

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